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Elizabeth Donnell
MASM Gerontologist and CMC


Zachary Montasser is an incredible person, musician, and curator of concert series for older adults, both in person and via virtual platforms. Zachary created the Heart Strings concert series, which included the Love in Many Forms and Fantasies and Imaginings Programs (both of which I highly recommend; he will customize this educational music concert series in a way that meets your specific interests and needs.

   Apart from his musical abilities, Zach is an outstanding person in the local community. He has a true heart for improving people's lives through music, and through conversation. He is authentic and caring, and always professional. When he gave his concerts at Anthology Senior Living and at Overture Tanglewood, two organizations for which I was Director of Engagement (both in Houston), every resident who attended his and his associates' concerts loved speaking with him and his associates, as much as possible, before and after the concerts, because they knew that he was truly interested in connecting with them and in evoking "their heart strings" with his unique music therapy-style programming.

Jaime Kalenik
Director of Engagement Anthology of Tanglewood

Anthology Senior Living was fortunate enough to enjoy a Zach’s performances on several occasions.  Zach’s musical knowledge, professionalism and musicianship are impeccable.  He consistently has excellent communication with the property to ensure his event is set up and executed flawlessly.  His performance is breathtaking.  With each visit, he manages to captivate our residents and leave them begging for more.  He not only plays beautifully, but stimulates conversation about musical genres, history and draws in his personal experience.  On stage, Zach is genuine and passionate.  Off stage he is charismatic and easy to work with.  Zach remembers the residents that have enjoyed his performance during past visits. He remembers their faces, several names and invites his regulars back whenever he returns.  It would be our pleasure to have Zach perform at our community as often as possible.

Andrew Magure, COO of Elevate Labs

Zachary performed the Love in Many Forms program for my mother's birthday.  It was a lively event with engaging conversation about music I would not have heard otherwise. 

Sarah Elliott

Who knew you could learn music history through music?! Zach has found the key to using music to illustrate his points such as orchestras adding more instruments and more layers to the melody. Truly engaging! Zach knows and enjoys music through and through. He occasionally uses his voice as another instrument. His violin does his every bidding. They seem like best friends with an intimate relationship. And Zach can play and sway to illustrate any academic point.
He's an engaging host to guide you through highlights of music development and history. Mainly, you will enjoy the experience!  Thank you, Zach!

Virginia Baker

I am so glad I attended your program at Anthology.  The music was inspired and the conversation was informative.


You are so emotionally connected and in love with the violin, it is moving.  I know you have sacrificed a lot of your life to perfect your performance.  I hope that you will be recognized for your devotion.

As a visual artist,  your music and conversation was informative and friendly. I saw many images emerge as you played .


I will look forward to your next program and wish you the best in your  of musical career.

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