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Musicology LIVE!  Programs, 2023

What to look forward to in 2023!

The Lincoln Memorial statue of US President Abraham Lincoln on the National Mall in Washin

Music in the Year! 1863

Music of American Composer Stephen Foster, Camille Saint Saens, and the Emancipation Proclamation


Art and Music!

Join me and Wendy Adler from Articulating Talks, as we showcase art and music


Jean Sibelius

Learn about the most famous Finnish Composer, listen to the Violin concerto and Finlandia

Image by Gabriel Varaljay

A Night at the Opera: Elixir of Love

Learn of the story of the classic opera, and listen to the greatest hits!

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Fresh INK: Desert Shelter

Deep dive into a piece that was composed in 2020. Performance at the Wortham


Louise Farrenc

Celebrate the life and music of brilliant romantic era composer Louise Farrenc

Jean Laurent Clement Violin 1826

Musical Eras!

Four lecture collection of music that tells the story of music from Antiquity to now.


Art and Music!

Wendy Adler (from Articulating Talks) and I showcase Allegory in art and music


Musical Narratives!

Music can tell a story, have a backstory, or have a story that is up to our imagination!



Learn of the story of the classic opera, and listen to the greatest hits!


Devilish Delights

Scary Music for the spooky month of October!


"T-A-S-T-E" Points

5 Easy ways to size up new music you encounter

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